Xerces Society Fact Sheet on Neonicotinoids -

How you can help - recommendations of the Xerces Society

Affect of Neonicotinoids on Birds and Aquatic life - April 8 2015

NY Times Article on the affect of Neonics on ecological systems

Portland OR Bans Neonics April 1 2015 reported by Xerces Soc.

Buying Bee Friendly - addresses the issues around the use of neonicotinoids, and lists the growers who avoid using them and the growers who do use them giving their reasoning 

Lowes will no longer sell Neonicotinoids  April 9 - 2015
NBC video 2-09-15

EPA announces a moratorium on bee-killing pesticides. April 2 - 2015

What are neonicotinoids and what do they do?
Here are several documents that explain what these chemicals are, what they are supposed to do, how they are used,  and how they may affect the environment.
What are Neonicotinoids?
How Neonicotinoids work
Are they killing the bees?

Who wants to use them and why..
Syngenta petitions EPA for expanded use of neonicotinoid product for spraying crops

Europe Bans Neonicotinoids...
European Environmental Agency (EEA) bans use of 3 neonicotinoid products

What household chemicals contain Neonicotinoids...
Here a list of household chemicals that contain neonicotinoids which are reputedly  highly toxic to pollinators.

Articles  about using Neonicotinoids and listing growers and nurseries that do not use them and those that do
Buying Bee Friendly - a comprehensive and reader-friendly article about the use of neonicotinoids; an explanation about its probable affect on pollinators; incluiding a list of growers who avoid using neonicotinoides, and a list of growers who do use them - including their justifications for how and when they use them.

Walters Gardens, Inc. ceases to use Neonicotinoids - Walters Gardens in Zeeland Michigan, established in 1946,  "is North America's leading wholsale grower of perennials"
michele-hanss 2-IMG 0810
Beware  81% of "Bee-friendly" plants sold at Big Box stores may have been treated neonicotinoids
Bee-friendly plants sold in Big Box Stores may be treated with neonicotinoids

Big Box Stores bow to pressure to label their inventory of neonicotinoid pesticides and list the plants they are selling that contain them
michelle Hanss-IMG 0809Big Box Stores begin to bend to consumer pressures in some states.

Home Depot and BJ's among others will label neonicotinoid pesticides by years end 2014 and here is another article on this subject

photos by Michele Hanss, Zone I Conservation Rep. summer 2014
Scientific Analysis of the controversy and the major studies citing the data for and against the use of neonicotinoids
Here is a scientific analysis by a bee expert of the neonicotinoid controversy including critiques of the various papers & data published  in support of differing theories on the subject.